Popular Fibre Mills:  

Popular Fibre Mills (Private) Limited Established in 2000, Located in Nooriabad

Popular Fibre Mills has built up a range of key technologies to advance the company's core competences in the manufacturing of cotton yarn. Our management focus, based on these core competences, involves harnessing the synergies between the various operations and manufacturing a best product. Popular Fibre Mills architected with modern machinery and holds a sound and flexible production capacity with prospect expansion arrangements. At present Popular Fibre Mills continuously putting all efforts to compete and trounce the effects of market volatility of material prices and also trying to dilute the fixed assets indirect effect on annual income statement.

Looking to the future, Popular Fibre Mills will continue to develop our already advanced enterprise and keep driving them onwards. We aim to consolidate a clear brand identity encompassing technology, product value, and service. Despite an increasingly competitive business environment, we vow to create the added value that will drive true satisfaction to our customer.
We do have world's best equipment to produce best quality in existing market to compete; a brief outlook is here to elaborate the equipments specification and ideal utilization respectively,

Blow Room
Chinese machinery with latest technology on chute feed system. Production Capacity 30000 kg/24 hr.

Carding Room
12 Nos. German origin card DK 903, production capacity 80 kg/hr./machine and 8 Nos. Chinese cards model 186F for coarse yarn.

Drawing Breakers
Japan origin "Toyoda DX500C" 4 Nos. and DYH-3 Nos. Production Capacity 3500 kg/24/M/C.

Drawing Finisher
Japan origin "Toyoda DX500C" 4 Nos. and DYH-3 Nos. Production Capacity 3500 kg/24/M/C.

Simplex Department
6 machines FL 16. Japan 120 spindles each, 4/4 drafting. Production capacity 3000 kg/machine. 2 machines FA408 Chinese 120 spindle 4/4 drafting. Production capacity 2500 kg/machine.

Ring Department
30 machines Chinese FA 502, drafting SKF 225, 480 spindles each. 18 machines Chinese FA506, drafting SKF 225, 480 spindles each. Production depends on counts running. Total spindles-23040.

Auto Cone
3 Machines Murata Machconer 7V, Japan 60 drum with Quantum yarn cleaner. 7 machines Murata Machconer 7II, Japan 60 drum with Uster D4 yarn cleaner, Production depend on counts running.

TFO (Two for One Doubling)
8 machines Japan origin Murata 363, 4 machines 373, 4 machines 120 drums each. 1 Chinese winder Murata Japan 144 drums.


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