Popular Food Unit I (Tando Adam):  

Popular Food industries (Pvt.) Limited is situated at Hyderabad Road Tandoadam.

Tandoadam is a business city of Sindh Province. Factory is located in the Centre of fruit growing orchard specially Mango. World Best Mango “Sindhry Mango” is grown here.

In 1987, It was established and produces  juices with  brand name “Polly”, packed in tetra pak. The popularity increased day by day due to its quality, customer care etc.

Popular started export of Juices from Bangladesh with Brand Name ”PRAN”

Later on, Juice with Brand Name “Umdah” was exported to UK. It got good market there.

The uses of refreshing beverages are very common all over the world. For a long time the use of thick sugar syrup like red syrup & squashes were very common.

Therefore during the last three-four decades, soft drinks like cola and citrus soft drinks get very popularity. From the last two-three decades the juice “Ready to Drink” have been introduced in the shape of tetra pak and is most attractive to consumer.

Large quantities of fruits have been wasted every year but demanding of juice products increased the demand of fruit to some extent. Packed in Aseptic filled juices in Brick Pak is available everywhere & have the most attraction to consumers.

Popular introduced the most modern technology “Tetra Brick Aseptic” filled juice. The machinery was imported from Sweden installed TBA-21 & TBA-19 Machines. After two years TBA-3 Machine replaced by another TBA-9 Machine.

The unit has production strength 223 million packets of 250 ml per year.

Two TBA-21 Machines having capacity 8000 packs per hours each.
 Two TBA-19, 250 Base and one TBA-19 200Slim with capacity of 7500 packs per hour are installed here.

One machine is for Litre pack with pull Tab. Its capacity is 6000packs per hour.

The fillings of juices by these machines are totally Aseptic filling no man handling during filling. Periodically CIP is performed to clean the system and to maintain sterility.

There is one processing plant with PHE and Homogenizer from Sweden.
And two Processing unit with homogenizer and THE. Its capacity is 2200L, 6600L and 12000L respectively.

There is most modern unit of cold storage for the storage of Mango pulp for self-consumption & we also sale the same to other juice producers.

Temperature is maintained at 2°C & storage capacity is 200 tons per room. Total 12 rooms are running now. Additionally there are two Freezers at -20*C.

There are two screw type air compressors L-55 and L-37 most modern technology of Germany.

Two boilers having capacity of 2- ton are in operation.
The steam use to pasteurize the juice.

The company is very loyal to his consumer‘s needs and committed to take a part in making a healthy environment and for that we do use Treated water for juice processing.

Largest plant of Fruit crushing in Pakistan is installed in Popular Food. Automatic Destoning, Finishing, transporting to Processing is done in this plant. Finally HTST Technology is used to comercially steralize the Fruit pulp. In addition to Mango, Peach, Strawberry and Guava is processed in this plant.

To process and pack pure Drinking water, world latest technology ”Reverse Osmosis” is installed in Popular Food. After addition of minerals, Treating with UV and Ozonation it is packs in 500ml and 1.5L PET Bottles .

To drink Juice from packs, Hocky Straws are produced by Popular Food after Scruding PP. It is hygienically packed in BOPP to use in Popular Group and to sale to other Juice Processors.

CARTON PLANT-Corrugation, Printing and Pasting:
Self Production of Carton is necessary for in time delivery of Product. Complete line of carton packing is installed in Popular Food from Corrugation, Pasting, Die and Printing to packing and transportation.

Pakistan is in power supply crises & our machines are much sensitive & could not bear any abnormality & fluctuation in electricity.

Therefore for the solution we installed one diesel generators of capacity 500 as standby.

Main generation is done by Cat and Jenbacher gas generator to run production.

To control the product quality we have established a quality control laboratory with modern equipment’s.
There are four big halls for storage of finished goods of capacity 8000 sq ft each.

Continues effort dedication of work from competent leadership & workforce equipped with highly automated machines allow us to earn awards from the highly reputable organization of quality management system 9001 – 2008.

Food Safety and HACCP certificate ISO 22000-2005 is achieved by monitoring and implementing Food Standard.

As Muslim, we must be attentive to use hygienic and Halal Products. Popular Food Products are Halal Certified by SGS.

World recognized SWISS company SGS services are hired for certification of these Quality and Safety Management System.


Vision of continues improvement in quality, establishment & implementing & quality management system make a symbol of quality & customer first choice around the globe.


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