Popular Juice Unit II:  

The Company is being operated under guideline of dynamic leadership of Group, the day to day affair are being looked after by the key management. The factory is located in S.I.T.E II super highway, the hub of industries and on the eve of main Super highway.  

Total factory Area                         3.82 Acers                  166399 Sq. ft
Covered Area                                1.76 Area                   76872   Sq. ft

Business Activity:
Manufacture of PET Pre-forms, Fruit Juices in Tetrapak and Pet Bottles and Fruit Pulps Mainly Mango Pulp. The factory has started its operation in November 2011 with the aim to cater the need of export market which is by the Grace of ALLAH increasing as the time day by day and to the fact that Sea Port is in close vicinity. The distinguish feature of the new setup apart from the other factories of the group is that it has multifarious commodities of production like for the first time the production of Pet Pre-form through a very ultra modern state of the art plant called Husky the world leader in Pet Pre-form making machine. The capacity is to produce about 250000 pre- form/days.

The 2nd is the setup of Pet Bottled Juice plant from Techlong another comprehensive fully automatic bottled juice plant right from the start of Blowing of bottles from performs to Bottled juice packed in trays. The ideal capacity of the plant is synchronized with the pre-form production capacity that is 250,000 bottles/day.

The 3rd is the Tetrapak production for which the group is known for both locally and internationally. The capacity of production at the moment is 180,000 packs par day and all are dedicated for the export market.

Production Departments:
Husky Injection Molding:- For manufacturing of PET Preforms. Available Preforms Size:-    260 ml ,345ml ,  500ml, 1.5 liter, 2 liter.

Tetrapak:-  250ml Capacity.

In Juice variants:

• Mango
• Mango Orange Mix
• Tropical
• Guava
• Apple

All above are meant for Export.

Techlong Pet Bottled Juices:- 260 ml and 345 ml capacity,

In Juice variants:
a) Mango
b) Mango Orange Mix
c) Apple
d) Guava
e) Tropical & Fruit Punch

All above are meant both for Export and Local Market.                             

Fruit Pulping the Real Strength:
Popular Foods and Juices are engaged in producing Pulp and concentrates of a variety of fruits, including Mango, Peach, Guava, Strawberry and Tomato.

Several thousand tons of best quality mangoes are procured every year, during the month of June and July, for crushing. Last year alone, we produced more
than 10,000 tons of Mango Pulp for our domestic and export Brands. We also supply Mango & Tomato pulp to most of the domestic juice players of Pakistan.

The  Investment in R&D allows also to use the most efficient  research instruments  to provide the most  advanced solutions more and more congenial to the needs of a market that is in continuous evolution, and even more demanding and  attentive to the guarantees of quality on food products.

Balanced Nutrition:
Acquiring and maintaining healthy eating habits results in a better quality of life as well as helping to prevent health and nutritional problems such as obesity, chronic degenerative diseases including diabetes, hypertension and digestive problems such as constipation, gastritis or colitis.

Improving your daily diet with this goal in mind is a task that should be performed gradually until enjoying healthy eating has become a habit. This is an individualized process because each person has their own tastes, preferences and habits that should be respected, such as a preference for sweet or salty foods.

Healthy eating habits should be adapted and modified as life goes by — when we are growing and acquiring habits (childhood), during our developmental stage (adolescence), and on into adulthood and the third age. As we grow and get older, our energy requirements (calories) change. It is necessary to provide the right amount and kind of food for our bodies so that there are no excesses or deficiencies.

Likewise, we must exercise to keep our metabolic performance in check, depending on our life stage, as well as to properly maintain our muscles and bones.

Recent scientific discoveries stress the importance of the health benefits offered by foods enriched with vitamins, justifying their function in the “battle” against body oxidation caused by stress, certain diseases and aging. Today, not only foods afford the components that deliver nutritional benefits of carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins and minerals. Other substances with antioxidant properties also have a healthy effect on our bodies.

Antioxidants comprise a group of vitamins, minerals and diverse substances present in vegetables and enzymes that block the harmful effect of free radicals in the body. Most antioxidants are found in vegetables, which accounts for the benefits of a regular diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole cereals.

Free radicals and oxidation:
In the body there are cells that are constantly renewing themselves (skin, intestine cells) and others that do not (liver cells, nerve cell). As years go by, free radicals genetically alter the first kind of cells, thus increasing the risk of cancer and reducing the functionality of the cells that don’t renew themselves, a characteristic of aging. Habits like smoking, eating fat-rich foods and exposure to the sun, as well as environmental pollution, increase the production of free radicals.

The benefits of antioxidants:
Over the past few years, scientists have researched the role played by antioxidants in heart disease, several types of cancer and diverse processes associated with aging, as well as in alterations of the nervous system. These studies focus mainly on vitamin C, vitamin E, betacarotenes, flavonoids, selenium and zinc.

The relationship between these antioxidants and cardiovascular and neurovascular diseases has been sufficiently proven. Modification of “bad cholesterol” (LDL) plays a fundamental role in the development and beginning of arteriosclerosis (abnormal thickening and hardening of internal walls of blood vessels due to a fat buildup that hampers blood flow). Antioxidants can block free radicals that modify bad cholesterol, thus decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. On the other hand, low levels of antioxidants can constitute a risk factor for certain types of cancer.

VITAMIN C: Citruses (orange, lemon), guava, kiwi, mango, pineapple, strawberries, peppers, tomatoes.

VITAMIN E: Wheat germ, soy oil, cereals or whole cereals, olive oil, oleaginous seeds (nuts, almonds, pine seeds).

BETA CAROTENE (PRO-VITAMIN A):Green, red, orange or yellow fruits and vegetables: peach, orange, pineapple, cherries, carrots, beets, spinach.

Meat and entrails, fish, eggs and whole cereals.

COPPER: Liver, fish, seafood, whole cereals and green vegetables.

Address:    C-22,Phase I, Scheme33, SITE II, Super Highway Karachi.





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